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Who am I

My name is Kieran and I am a grade 12 student. I'm a creative, kind, logical thinker, problem solver, relentless or stubborn (whatever you want to call it) and I get along with just about anybody I meet.

According to "myBlueprint's interest questionnaire" I am “The Maker”. The Maker needs to design, create hands on work and has a desire for self-expression and exploration. Two primary skills of "The Maker" is being Realistic and Artistic. Realistic involves practicality and hands-on activities. Artistic involves self-exploration, creativity and a liking to do work that doesn't follow a clear set of rules.

What I enjoy

I enjoy many things In life and especially Formula 1. What makes F1 so great is the amount of engineering and thought that goes behind a single part on the car.


Formula 1 is the Mecca of automotive racing. I love how every piece has to be built to perfection, pushing design and technology to the limit while maintaining its lightness and durability. It is incredible how designers find loop holes in the wording of the rule book to create a more competitive edge over their rivals. 

Formula 1 is exciting to watch because of the racing strategy. For each race, there are so many factors that are involved like weather conditions, the temperature of the track, the distance of the race and the drivers capability.  It's a total team effort: performance of the pit-crew, types of tires and number of pit-stops. 

What I love

I love 3D design. I can spend hours and hours designing. I find it satisfying to come up with an idea, visualize it and be able to create it. Throughout the years, I realized that I had an interest in creating physical things. My interest in 3D design started when I was seven years old. I started to play Minecraft and  I would spend hours building worlds.


Now I'm inspired to create using Fusion 360 and CNC machines. I always had an interest designing things through different mediums, whether it's building ramps made of wood for my bike or making models out of left over cardboard and cement. I just love to design and create things.   

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