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Mercedes C9

This is the first roofed car I have did and it was a bit tedious and after many hours, I made it work.



I really enjoyed making this go-kart: its not on any specific go-kart, but the wrap is based off Vodafone. The proportions of the engine and the exhaust were challenging.

Racing_Go_kart_2021 real.png

Formula 1 Car

This is the first "big" project I did back in late 2020 during lock-down. There are definitely some imperfections on this vehicle and bits missing. It was a great learning opportunity and I like the overall look of this car.


Maserati Cooper '67 

I probably went through hundreds of reference photos for this car, the rear is quite complex and it almost got me, but I think it turn out well.


Formula 3 Car

Out of all the cars I have made, this is my favourite so far. I went through a few different colour options and then landed on this one. 


BMW 2002

There is something about the 2002 that makes this car so good looking. there is just something about it - like Germany's adaptation of a Soviet Russian car.


Land Rover 4x4 '68

As I was looking Covid-19 in the face, I pondered across this Land Rover and I knew I had to make this classic of a vehicle. 


Toyota bB rally car

An idea came to me when I was saw this car on the way home from school. I thought this could be an interesting car if it were turned into a rally car. The co-driver name is my dog and the "Someplace Nice Reno" logo is my brother's construction company. 


Sunbeam Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet was an attempt at a land speed record in the 1930s but was a complete failure. The vehicle has two airplane engines and has s total length of 31 feet and a width of 3 feet


Monaco GP trophy

The Monaco GP is my favourite track to sim race on and has a nice looking trophy to go. with it.

Austrian GP trophy

This is one of my favourite Tracks on The F1 calendar. I also like how simple the trophy is and how they integrated the track into the trophy. I have decide to make this on a CNC machine that my school has.



This sailboat is one of my favourite builds I have done. The name of the ship is "Unsinkable 2" because the file got corrupted and I had to re-make it.

The Gibson ES-335 is just a nice looking guitar.

Gibson ES-335

Record Player

I thought of this design on the way home from school.

2013 F1 Wheel

This wheel is from a Caterham F1 car. Caterham pretty much have all the blue prints of their car on the web.


Cabin 1


Cabin 2

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